What is The Live Thriller? A scavenger? An escape game? A haunted house?
It is none of these. You can have a look at The Experience page, which brings you the main pieces of information.
Is it difficult?
The adventure has 4 possible endings, there is therefore no game-over. Whatever your level, you will reach one of these endings.
I hate horror movies, should I do The Live Thriller?

Even if it is not horror, The Live Thriller is a dark and disturbing thriller, with adrenaline rushes. Furthermore, the atmosphere and realism of the scenery can afraid sensitive people, despite being in total safety.

Try, so you know.

I already experienced The Live Thriller, can I do it again?
Absolutely. You can enjoy an accomplice bonus when you come back, as well as a 10% discount on the group. Please contact us before booking again.


How many people can form a team?
You can form teams of 2 to 6 people. In any case, you privatize your experience when you book for a time slot.
I booked for 3 people, can we still be 4, 5 or 6?
You can add one or several participants up to 48 hours before the show. For that, reply to the confirmation email. We will then send you a link to make up the difference.
I organize an event for more than 6 people, can we play altogether?
If it is the case, please contact us. Most of the time, we will split the group into several teams starting every 60 minutes.
What is the minimum age ?
Participants must be at least 13 years old if there is an adult, or 18 years old otherwise. The content of The Live Thriller is no more shocking than any movie or video game of the genre, but it’s more immersive. Be sure that the youngest participants are at ease with stressful situations before coming!
Is The Live Thriller not recommended for certain people?

It is not recommended for pregnant women and persons with a heart condition, because of high-tension sequences. Of course, it is strongly recommended for everyone else.

Please be aware that The Live Thriller is unfortunately not accessible to people in a wheelchair.


How much is the experience?

It depends on the size of the group. The price is set at 49€ per person for a group of 6, 55€ for a group of 5, 62€ for a group of 4, 69€ for a group of 3 and 95€ for a groupe of 2.

How can we pay?
Payment can be made online by credit card, through our secured platform.


I want to offer The Live Thriller as a gift, how can I proceed?

You have two options:

If you want to book an experience that will be a surprise for one or several participants (birthday, bachelor(ette) party), you can mention it on the booking process.

If you want to offer an experience in the form of gift card, please go to the dedicated page. The gift card is valid for any slot and for a year.

In practice

Where is The Live Thriller set?

The exact meeting point will be given in the confirmation email. The experience takes place in the 18th arrondissement, around Jules Joffrin station (line 12).
As stated in the name, The Live Thriller is a live experience. It is therefore strictly essential that everyone be on time at the meeting point.

What happens next? Just be aware that you won’t be locked in the same place.

What are the opening hours?

A show begins every 60 minutes, from 4.30 PM on weekdays, and from 9.30 AM on weekends and public holidays. The last show starts at 10.30 or 11.30 PM. If you want maximum thrill, you should definitely do it by night.

Be aware that it is possible to play outside opening hours. Please contact us directly if you are interested.

Should we wear specific clothing?

Please wear clothes both comfortable and suited to weather conditions: warm if it is cold, waterproof if it is raining. High-heels and open shoes are not recommended.

Avoid bringing bags and luggage as much as you can.

So, is this an outdoor activity?
The major part of the experience happens indoor, with a few outdoor sequences.
Will we be able to leave our belongings and go to the toilets?

You can leave your belongings at the entrance of every place, and only have to carry it outside. Avoid bringing luggage as much as you can.

Toilets are available before starting.

We didn’t answer your questions?

Please go to the Contact page.